Everyone in this country has grown up listening to, loving and hating all styles of music.  Whether you’ve grown up as a hell raiser and bone breaker or a lover not a fighter, LIKE SONIA has something here for you. This is a diversely styled, melodic rock band influenced by classic rock and the styles of jazz guitar and piano, as well as world beat and classical percussion.  LIKE SONIA has a combination of grit and a clean, lucid sound that is a direct result of the ripping electric and acoustic electric guitars, earth shattering bass, simmering vocals and insightful lyrics. 

Chemistry is everything!  With the line up of Craig Abbott, lead vocals and guitars; Matt Trainor, bass and vocals; Greg Diamond, drums, percussion, LIKE SONIA is just that…..good chemicals.

LIKE SONIA has been recording and gigging consistently in New York City clubs such as; The Elbow Room, CBGB’s, The Bitter End, CBGB313, Baggot Inn, Kenny’s Castaways, Spiral, Solas, Lion’s Den and The Red Lion. The band also performs for an expanding audience in areas outside of NYC such as Philly, Boston and upstate NY.  From their current original 35-song set-list, LIKE SONIA has released their 14 track CD, “I WAS AN UNKNOWN”. 

“These guys are true musicians that handle stage and studio equally well.”

Ron Zabrocki, Producer/Sony

LIKE SONIA will always leave you inspired and wanting more.  This is a live band!  When they come rocking through your town, you will roll.  You’ll want to rip your hair from the roots while figuring out how the hell they get that depth of sound.


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